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MEDI-RX, INC. was formally established on April 01, 1981, in answer to the basic health care needs of the citizenry.

MEDI-RX, is engaged in the manufacture and exclusive distribution of the following product lines: Cough and cold preparations, Multivitamins, Hematinic, and Analgesics/Antipyretics preparations.

The high quality of our products and the consumers' positive acceptance as to their efficacies, earned us our accreditation as a supplier of Mercury Drug Corporation, leading drugstores and supermarkets, as well as industrial and government outlets.

With the special promotional activities of its highly trained Professional Medical Representatives, coupled with their invaluable customer care, the company was able to gain the confidence, support and patronage of its loyal and growing roster of clients. 

MEDI-RX, adheres to its mission to manufacture and distribute quality medicines at affordable prices within the reach of the buying public.


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